Food should be a source of great pleasure and yet for many people it represents a daily struggle. Having access to a wide variety of healthy foods is not the only issue, because what we choose to eat is a product of countless factors: how we were brought up, our mood, health, habits, level of activity, lifestyle, and environment combine with what we read, what we think we already know, and what others seem to be doing. Almost anything can influence our choices, even the weather!

People already struggling with weight gain, pain or chronic disease, may find the challenge to make lasting dietary changes almost insurmountable. There is conflicting advice out there, and it may just seem too expensive to eat well. The reality is that improving your nutritional intake is both straight-forward and affordable.

The difficult part is embracing a sustainable change in mindset that leads to a healthier way of life, and that’s where a Nutritional Therapist comes in. Modifying our eating habits is a highly individual process and, unfortunately, the personal support such changes demand is not always readily available on the NHS. A Nutritional Therapist is trained to give you the information and support that empowers you to make that transformation. Nutritional Therapists also recognise biochemical individuality and the potential limitations of transferring population dietary guidelines to recommendations for optimising individual health.

With personalised support, many people find they are no longer enslaved by inadequate food choices. They learn to understand their motivations, to better appreciate their own bodies’ needs, including nutritional requirements, and to make a real and lasting transition.

Over time, this can translate into normal balanced metabolic functioning – the basis of good health!

I look forward to working with you.