Brighten Up!


  1. Felicitous Fare

Foods can lift your spirits. Some do so more effectively, and for longer, than others. So while you may be tempted to reach for the usual emotionally comforting suspects (chocolate, crisps, ice cream, doughy products, sweets and deep fried foods) take just 1 minute before doing so, to mindfully connect with why you’re making that choice. If you’ve learned healthy self-regulation at a younger age, aligning your choice with your needs (physical or emotional) is easy. If self-regulation is not your forte, this technique can help promote more helpful habits in an environment where you may have to make as many as 200 food related choices a day! 32



  1. Step Out

Although the UK is not generally blessed with sunny winters, there are some beautiful, bright days to be had in between those dismal grey ones. Make the most of them. It might not have much impact on your Vitamin D levels until the days get longer, but it can still improve your overall feelings of well-being. 33



  1. Infect Others

Happiness and health are natural partners. 34-37 And as happiness seems to be contagious 38 try to spend time with happy people, and then infecting others with your own happiness.

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